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EnterpriseIM Alert

Adding proactivity to presence

Through the Bantu EnterpriseIM platform, Bantu enables users and administrators to alert users of critical notices or events. With Bantu Alerts, your emergency notifications are instantly and securely received by the right individuals or groups of people. And the Alerts can be designed to be interactive, enabling recipients to immediately respond to, address and resolve the issue–at–hand. With Bantu EnterpriseIM Alert, you can:

  • Make key personnel aware of and enable them to react to urgent situations as they occur.
  • Initiate secure collaborative sessions directly from the alert.
  • Deliver late–breaking news.
  • Notify people that important status items have changed (i.e., VIP e–mail arrived, last–minute meeting scheduled, auction bid matched, key document ready for review, security alarm triggered by third–party network monitoring application).